All images photographed and copyrighted to me Brian Redgrave.

          Here is a list of items I would greatly appreciate are taken care of before my visit to the home being                       photographed. The main purpose of this list is to respect your time during the photo session and get the                   photos I have taken of your home to your selling agent in a timely matter.  


       1. A clean and uncluttered home: As I am sure your agent has mentioned, a clean home will sell faster than a             home with clutter throughout it. This includes all bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, living and             family rooms, or any additional room I may be taking photos of. Minimization of personal items                             throughout your home is also best, including all items that are personalized or can identify your family.


       2. Staging your home: Research has shown that a staged home will sell quicker and for more money than                    homes that are not staged. Even well placed furniture can make a big difference defining the character of a              room. We realize this isn’t something that can be done for all homes but please speak with your agent                      regarding staging your home for better appeal to a potential buyer.


       3. Mirrors and Windows: While cleaning your home, clean any bathroom and any additional mirrors that may            be present in your home. Clean windows are not a priority but a slider to the backyard or a window with a              great view I would suggest cleaning as these will be included in my photos. Please make sure to clean                    bedroom and bathroom mirrors to ensure they can reflect the intriguing items in your home.


        4. Landscape, Pools/Spas, Outdoor Entertaining: Just as a clean interior will sell your home, a clean and                     maintained exterior will as well. Please clean and landscape your front and backyards. For Pools/Spas,                   please remove all covers, remove the sweep for the pool,  clean both pool and spa, and turn on any water               feature/water falls your pool may have. Clean up any Outdoor Kitchens or relaxation areas. Roll up any loose hoses.


        5. Pets: My family loves animals and we have furry family members ourselves, but during my visit I am                     trying to get the photos taken quickly and efficiently. Please clean up after your pets, inside and outside of your home. It will speed along the process if you are able to take your pets with you for a car ride, crate them, or take them on a walk. Please do not leave your dog unattended/loose while you’re not home. They may be friendly, or not, and I am a stranger in their home. I end up spending more time making sure they are not in my photos than if they can just be attended to for the time I will be photographing your home.

              Please feel free to click on the button below to download and print a "Before My Visit" checklist to                         provide to your client/s!